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Have you ever read your Bible starting in Genesis going all the way through to Revelations ?

  • Have you been looking for a Bible study that all your family can participate in, and enjoy ?
  • Do you desire MORE than a wimpy one page devotional?
  • Do you want to REMEMBER and RETAIN what you are learning?

Introducing THE Bible-in-a-Year Study Program: ....

How does it work? Easy:

1 - Using your own BIble, follow a daily reading schedule of both Old and New Testament passages. This schedule takes you through the complete Bible in one year's time. Use the two key verses every day for memorization or meditation.

2 - Print out as many copies as you like of the daily 1 page quizzes that everyone can participate in. Use the answer keys (with quick refernces included), to check each day's reading. That's it !

Throughout the year, you will have answered over 4,000 Questions from the Old & New Testaments combined just by doing your one page daily quizzes.

Don't let your Bible reading information be lost ! Now you can remember, retain, and recall back what you have read !

Use Your Own Bible !

There is no other program like this !

Based on the KJV, applicable to use with NIV, NASB, NKJV and ESV.

O.T.   =           2,019  Q & A
N.T.   =           2,010  Q & A

TOTAL:         4,029  Questions & Answers

Also Receive 36 Exclusive Bonuses only available with Bible-In-A-Year purchase:

24 Numbered Lists, here are some examples:

  • 4 Types of Soils 
  • 7 Abominations to the Lord
  • 10 Plagues of Egypt
  • 28 "A Time To's"... plus 20 more quizzes.

In addition to the above, you will also receive all these bonuses, FREE:

    • Who said What
    • Father-Sons
    • Bible Ages
    • Key Phrases
    • Which came first
    • Who came first
    • Clean vs Unclean
    • Dead or Alive
    • Alphabet titles for God's name, AND MORE !

Both 'Jan. Start' and 'Start Any Day' programs offered in 1 package!

Adults & Children both love to do this !




CD Software

Start Jan. 2012 or any day of your choice. Finish in 1 year !

The Complete 1 Year Family Bible Program includes:

  1. Daily Reading Calendar Schedules
  2. 365 Quizzes
  3. 365 Answer Keys
  4. 36 Wisdom Search Bonuses

Capture what you read !

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Start Jan. 2012 or any day of your choice. Finish in 1 year !

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Dear Friend,

Enjoy this specially designed Bible program that will benefit you and your family for years to come! May God bless you as you use it, as much as I was blessed in compiling it.



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