Strategies for a Consistent Family Worship Time

1. Family worship time is non-negotiable. God does not give us an option. You won't find the time, so you must make the time.

2. Choose to make it a habit and you'll choose the results of the that habit.  We always have a choice. Choose to place everything else around to have this family time with the Lord.

3. Schedule, schedule, schedule. Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. If you do not schedule it in, then it will not happen.

4. Give each person in your family a responsibility in preparation for your time together (bring a song, get the Bibles out, gather pencils for worksheets, etc.).
The more responsibility that is shared between family members, the more accountability it will bring to the meeting.

5. Prepare for "emergencies.". When surprises happen, welcome the times when you get to do Bible in unusual places.

6. Be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is caught, not taught. Show a cheerful countenance for this endeavor. Make it "Get To", instead of, "Got To."

7. Seek God’s strength for endurance. Satan does not want you to do this. Be prepared for a battle. Pray to the Lord to make you strong and of good courage.

8. Spend time alone with God. The more time you spend with God, the more you will want to know Him. Time with the LORD will increase your interest to meet with others in the Lord.

9. Find a Bible program that is orderly.
A Bible-in-a-year schedule gives you the whole Bible from start to finish by scheduling your “daily bread” in an orderly sequence for each day. This breeds accountability as you keep to the schedule.

10. Keep family prayer journals/notes/review sheets of what has been learned.
Keeping track of prayer petitions and answers is a good way to see how God has shown Himself. Taking notes or doing worksheets helps you remember what learning has taken place during each meeting. The keeping of journals/notes/worksheets will bear witness to how consistent you have been. Praise God!